This blog is where I write about Celtic histories and cultures. It derives its name from the Proto-Celtic words meaning “how many islands?” This site defines those Celtic “islands” as the Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Cornish, Breton, and Manx.


  • Reviving the hidden histories of the Celtic diaspora around the world. This includes the interracial solidarity throughout history that is not emphasized enough, however it also takes into account the complexities that come with these Celtic identities, especially in the Americas.
  • Reclaiming the symbols, mythologies, and histories of the Celtic nations, which have been misappropriated by the alt-right, as noted by historians Paul B. Sturtevant and Amy S. Kaufman. It is a broad political movement composed of white supremacists, conspiracy theorists, dominionists, and nativists; all of whom have various levels of overlap. As such, this site does not endorse this movement.
  • Restoring an appreciation of the Celtic identities, in ways that are not used for the purposes of supremacy, rather for the purposes of unity within the diaspora and without. What is also restored is the accounts of the mistreatment within the Celtic diaspora from the Roman Empire onwards in order to provide a skeleton key through which to develop varying levels of commonality through solidarity with marginalized groups. Of course, that comes with the understanding that not all struggles and persecutions are the same.


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